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The Sumner 7

The Sumner 7

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The early historical accounts of African American education are not often taught in school. What we learn of that history is obtained mostly through diligent research and documentation by others. This native of Parkersburg, West Virginia took personal interest in a school that friends and family attended to document its history and significance in the book you possess today. You're holding the documented history of one of the first and most successful black schools in the United States of America that was established, funded, and operated by African American citizens. Reminisce the experiences, embrace the pride, and celebrate the significant contributions of the graduates of Sumner High School. May you never forget...


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    Dear Valued Cutomer:

    Thank you for your interest in our book, The Sumner 7- A History of Sumner High School Parkersbug, WV. If you are a non-profit organization and are looking to order multiple copies of the book please contact us for special pricing at 

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    Doc Mike


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